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New products

Our family of products has recently expanded! To learn about our latest products, please contact your local dealer. 

Digital vs. Analog

Digital technology has become increasingly popular in the conference system market.  Although some find analog technology easier to use, digital technology allows for more advanced features than the traditional systems. We invite you to learn about the different alternatives we have to offer in each of these technologies.

New Deluxe carrying case

for Enersound R-120

Carrying case for Enersound R-120

Deluxe case for 20 receivers, one or two transmitters and accessories. Other options are also available

Our product line include:

• Simultaneous Interpretation Systems
FM Language Distribution Systems 
• Infrared Language Distribution Systems
• Conference Microphones

Please contact one of our dealers for information about our products or for assistance in choosing the best option for your project. 


New FM receiver: R-120Tango 20

We are proud to introduce the Enersound R-120, our new 20-channel FM programmable digital receiver. Specifically designed for multiple-language conferences in the international market, this receiver features 20 programmable channels compatible with most FM systems currently on the market. Its attractive design, innovative technical specifications, and unique versatility make it the leading product in its field. The Enersound R-120 receiver is ideal for all kinds of conferences and executive meetings. It is the equipment preferred by simultaneous interpretation equipment rental companies, providers of audiovisual equipment, conference venues and interpreters.
In the United States this product is sold to the assistive listening market.


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