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  New 20-channel FM Receiver  


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ATA carrying case

Deluxe case for 20 receivers, one or two transmitters and accessories.

Made of ABS laminate plastic and HD foam, with metal latches, handles and corners.

Carrying case for Tango20ATA cases are very durable and excellent for shipping.


ATA-50 is also available. Good for 50 Enersound R-120 FM receivers.

ATA-100 has wheels and telescopic handle.


carring case for FM receivers










We are proud to introduce the Enersound R-120, our new 20-channel FM programmable digital receiver. Specifically designed for multiple-language conferences in the international market and multi-channel auditory assistance in the United States. This receiver features 20 programmable channels compatible with most FM systems currently on the market. Its attractive design, innovative technical specifications, and unique versatility make it the leading product in its field. The Enersound R-120 receiver is ideal for all kinds of conferences and executive meetings. It is the equipment preferred by simultaneous translation equipment rental companies, providers of audiovisual equipment, houses of worship, conference venues and interpreters.

Disclaimer: In the U.S., FCC rules limit use of this equipment to auditory assistance.

Enersound R-120 (Tango 20)



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Factory Pre-Set  Frequencies**

CH 1:  72.1 MHz CH 6: 75.3 MHz CH 11:  72.2 MHz CH 16: 72.4 MHz
CH 2:  72.5 MHz CH 7:  72.3 MHz CH 12:  72.6 MHz CH 17: 75.6 MHz
CH 3:  72.9 MHz CH 8:  72.7 MHz CH 13:  75.4 MHz CH 18: 72.0 MHz
CH 4:  75.7 MHz CH 9:  75.5 MHz CH 14: 75.8 MHz CH 19: 76.0 MHz
CH 5:  74.7 MHz CH10: 75.9 MHz CH 15:  72.8 MHz CH 20: 73.0 MHz


** Can be modified by the user.

  • 20 programmable channels (72-76 Mhz)
  • Superb sound quality
  • LCD screen with optional backlight (model R-120BL)
  • Innovative and attractive design
  • Compatible with most 72-76 Mhz FM systems
  • Multiple carrying options:
    • Belt clip
    • Neck strap
    • Velcro armband
  • Utilizes 2 x AAA batteries.
  • Low battery consumption (*35 hr.)
  • On-screen low battery indicator
  • Feedback reduction feature
  • On-screen volume indicator

*Maximum battery life as tested in laboratory. Actual battery life depends on several factors, including the type of battery used, volume and outside temperature.

Enersound R-120 Flyer

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