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Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment: Enersound R-120 FM Receiver

New Enersound R-120 simultaneous interpretation receiver (Tango 20)

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The Enersound R-120 is a state-of-the-art FM digital receiver with 20 reprogrammable channels. It has a digital screen, a stylish design and an unparalleled sound quality that will enhance any meeting or conference that requires professional simultaneous interpretation equipment.


Simultaneous Translation Equipment


Although it is not the first piece of wireless translation equipment on the market, the Enersound R-120 is the first FM receiver to be developed for the international simultaneous interpretation market. With its versatility and superior performance, it definitely provides the best value for the money in today’s market.

In the United States this product is sold to the assistive listening market*

*see product brochure for more details.

FM receiver document

New Enersound R-120 simultaneous interpretation receiver simultaneous interpretation
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The System You Need:

We integrate and distribute the most reliable simultaneous interpretation equipment:

  • Conference Discussion Systems (push to talk)
  • Interpreter Consoles
  • Stationary FM Transmitters
  • Portable FM Transmitters
  • Tour Guide Systems
  • Interpreter Booths
  • Infrared language distribution system
    (chairman / delegate units):
    • infrared receivers
    • infrared transmitters
    • infrared radiators

simultaneous interpretation equipment

translation equipment for simultaneous interpretation


About us

Translation Equipment team
We are a leading manufacturer dedicated to developing and distributing high-quality conference and simultaneous interpretation systems.
Congress Network's management has over 20 years of experience in the simultaneous interpreting business.
Congress Network is committed to satisfying its customers’ conferencing needs by providing the highest standards in quality and service.

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Very soon you will be able to buy simultaneous interpretation equipment online at preferred rates.


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Ideal for audiovisual companies, houses of worship, interpreters, convention centers, meeting rooms.


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